10 Last Minute Destinations for the Canada Day Long Weekend

Canada Day weekend is fast approaching and unless you had the foresight to plan your camping weekend months ago, you probably didn't reserve a campsite for the long weekend.  Don’t be discouraged, there’s still plenty of ways to get out and enjoy the parks next weekend!  Ontario Parks and Parks Canada leave a number of campsites as non-reservable in most campgrounds, so we’ve compiled a list of where you're most likely to get a site.  Rent your CampKit, pack your car and try to beat the traffic out of the city.  Your best bet would be leaving Thursday or Friday morning!

  1. Awenda Provincial Park - 48 non-reservable sites, 2 hours from Toronto

    A great destination for adventure seekers, Awenda Provincial Park has numerous trails along its rocky Georgian Bay shoreline.  With a large number of non-reservable sites, and only 2 hours north of Toronto, this could be your quick getaway out of the city.  

  2. Killbear Provincial Park - 84 non-reservable sites, 3 hours from Toronto

    Killbear has a ton of non-reservable sites, most of them grouped together so you’re likely to get neighboring sites if you need more than one.  Cliff jumping rocks, Georgian Bay sunsets and windswept pines are only a few of the highlights of this park.  

  3. Long Point Provincial Park - 20 non-reservable sites, 2.5 hours from Toronto

    Sandy beaches along the shore of Lake Erie make this campground a great getaway.  Established almost 100 years ago (in 1921), Lake Point Provincial Park is a great place to spend Canada’s 150th.  There’s only 20 non-reservable sites in this campground, but nearby Turkey Point Provincial Park and Port Burwell Provincial Park also have non-reservable sites, or there’s still sites available for reservation at Backus Heritage Conservation Area.  

  4. MacGregor Point Provincial Park - 48 non-reservable sites, 3 hours from Toronto

    If you’re hoping for a beach holiday with an added touch of small town charm, this could be the park for you.  Southampton and Port Elgin are just a short drive from the park. There’s plenty of non-reservable sites, including one whole campground that’s non-reservable, so you’re more likely to get multiple sites together if you’re going with a group.

  5. Darlington Provincial Park - 25 non-reservable sites, 1 hour from Toronto

    Darlington Provincial Park is only an hour from Toronto, so if you’re looking for a shorter drive, you could be lucky with this park.  There’s 25 non-reservable sites, but proximity to Toronto and other cities could make it an easy target for other last minute campers.  If you’ve got Friday off, try to get out after work on Thursday!

  6. Algonquin Provincial Park - 204 non-reservable sites, 3-3.5 hours from Toronto

    Algonquin is definitely one of the most famous parks and biggest destinations for Canada Day.  Along the highway 60 corridor, there are thousands of campsites and 204 non-reservable sites spread out over 5 campgrounds.  Tea Lake is the closest to Toronto (with only 9 available sites) and Kearney and Pog Lake is the farthest (with 81 sites available). If you’re hoping for a site in Algonquin, try to leave as early as possible.

  7. Six Mile Lake Provincial Park - 25 non-reservable sites, 2 hours from Toronto

    If you’re looking for that Muskoka scenery, Six Mile Lake has it.  Only 2 hours north of Toronto (beware of the heavy traffic leaving Toronto on weekends, especially long weekends), you can camp, canoe, paddle boat, hike and fish.  Sandy beaches make the swimming conditions great, and the fully equipped park store has you covered in case you left anything behind.

  8. Killarney Provincial Park - 21 non-reservable sites, 4.5 hours from Toronto

    Despite the distance from Toronto and the few non-reservable sites, this park is well worth the trip.  The pink granite rock landscapes along the Georgian Bay coast have attracted painters for years, including the Group of Seven.  Many of the sites available for last minute campers are at the end of park roads, meaning you’re more likely to get some privacy.

  9. Thousand Islands National Park - 34 non-reservable sites, 3 hours from Toronto

    Granite islands with windswept pines clustered throughout the St Lawrence River east of Kingston, ON are a beautiful sight.  There are many campsites, mainly accessed by boat.  In order to get to the island campsites, you’ll need to have your own boat transportation arranged.  If you do have your own boat, these sites are less likely to fill up on the busy long weekend.

  10. Glen Rouge Campground - 3 sites available, 30 minutes from Toronto

    The only urban National Park, Glen Rouge Campground is accessible by TTC.  Though none of the sites are non-reservable, at the time of writing there are 3 sites still available for the Canada Day Long Weekend.  If you don’t have a car, this is definitely your best bet - don’t wait.  Reserve your site and your CampKit right now!

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