Why We Love Fall Camping (and Why You Should Too)

Just because summer has officially ended, doesn't mean that the camping season has.  Fall is an incredible season for camping, so pack your fleeces, tuques, warm socks and hiking books and head out into nature.  If you don't have the gear, CampKit can help you experience all of these wonderful things.


There's no better way to enjoy the changing of the leaves than to immerse yourself completely in it.  Camping below a canopy of vibrant reds, oranges and yellows is a truly magical experience.  


Sitting around a fire is much more enjoyable in the fall.  The nights are cooler and the fire provides a great place to cozy up and relax.

Campfire by Joris Voeten


Chili, soup and pasta are all great camping foods, and they'll keep you warm when the afternoon sun starts to fade.  

Camping Food by Dan Edwards


Since the weather is cooler, warm drinks are so much more enjoyable.  Coffee, hot chocolate, warm apple cider and mulled wine are all great campsite staples.  One of our favourites: BoCho (bourbon & hot chocolate).

Warm Drink by Annie Spratt


The forest is getting less dense, and the changing leaves make it harder for animals to camouflage meaning you're more likely to spot them.  The birds are also starting their winter migration, so you're more likely to spot them flying overhead.

Ontario Moose in Autumn


Now that the hot summer weather has gone, so have the crowds and the bugs. This means you're able to stay out at dusk and enjoy your sunsets in peace.

Fall Camping by Aaron Burden


Better sleeps are often found under the stars, but the best sleeps are when it's cool enough to be cozy in your sleeping bag. With a good sleeping pad and a warm sleeping bag, you'll have a great sleep while camping this fall.

Fall Camping by Jonathan Forage

So don't say bye to the 2017 Camping Season just yet, there's still time to get out there and have a great camping trip.  Get in touch with us for some suggestions on destinations, or let us help you out with all the gear you'll need.   

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