How It Works

Step 1: Order your CampKit online.  We'll come drop it off to you.  Step 2: Go camping!Step 3: Sleep under the stars.  Step 4: Pack up your CampKit.  We'll come pick it up from you when you're home.

CampKit sets you up with quality camping gear so that you can get out, explore the great outdoors and sleep under the stars without the hassle of buying and organizing your own gear.  

  1. Choose your CampKit. Having trouble choosing?  We’re happy to help you decide - reach out to us:
  2. Pick your dates.  Drop-off and pick-up times are not guaranteed to be available.  We will coordinate with you to find alternative suitable times.
  3. Place your order (if you’re not sure of your exact delivery location, you can say things like “not yet booked” or “downtown core” - we’ll get in touch closer to the date to confirm.)
  4. Have your CampKit delivered to you.   We require someone be there to receive the CampKit, sign the rental agreement and pay the deposit.
  5. Go on an epic outdoor adventure. If you need help deciding which parks to go to, which campsites to book or which trails to hike - reach out to us at, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.
  6. Pack your CampKit back into its box and have it picked up.  Do your best to clean & dry the items before packing them up.  Let us know if anything’s been damaged.

Responsibility & Damages

If you would like, our staff are happy to help you plan your trip, teach you to use our equipment and provide any pre-trip guidance.  You will be responsible for all equipment and will be charged for lost, stolen or damaged items. If we feel that you’re not able to use our gear safely, we are under no obligation to rent to you.  A credit card pre-authorization will be captured at the time of the CampKit delivery as security for all rented items.


When your CampKit is dropped off to you, you’ll be asked to place a deposit on the CampKit.  The deposit will be held until the gear is returned and inspected. See more on the Deposit Returns here.

The deposit is captured via pre-authorization on your credit card: 50% of the rental amount or $150, whichever is greater.


You can cancel your CampKit reservation and receive a full refund if you let us know more than 10 days before your delivery date.  If your CampKit reservation is cancelled with less than 10 days notice, you’ll receive a 50% refund. If we’re unable to reach you on the day of pickup, we’ll hold the CampKit for 24 hours following your start time to keep it reserved for you.  No refunds will be issued after the start time has passed.